Getting your tummy tuck in Turkey is very easy procedure with Esth&More. When searching our options, you’ll find there won’t be slim pickings, when you’re searching for something to slim down your waistline. As with all plastic surgery at Esth&More, the procedures presented here are nothing but the best, and it goes for everything from hair transplant Turkey services to our tummy tucks in Turkey. This is also clue within Esth&More patient’s feedback.

Medically known as abdominoplasty, getting this treatment here Turkey is  very cost-effective option to your aesthetic requirements. The tummy tuck cost in Turkey is much affordable than in other parts of the universe, making it one of the best solution if you want to get rid of your saggy skin with a reasonable price. A tummy tuck in Istanbul, Turkey is an ideal surgical solution for the body conscious individual who cherishes their physical appearance.

The Ultimate Body Shaping Procedure

A tummy tuck is increasing of self confidence, stomach flattening, ego enhancing intervention that you have been longing for. Prices are so reasonable, you won’t even imagine of looking elsewhere for this lifechanging procedure. This treatment involves the tightening of your stomach muscles, within your abdominal wall in particular, in order to make your stomach flatter and firmer.

The reason getting an abdominaplasty  can be for numerous reasons. These are usually to do with a lack of elasticity in the skin, the weakening of connective tissue within the abdomen, or the main reason we tend to hear at Esth&More, excess fat within the stomach region. Reasons for any of the aforementioned conditions are usually defined by significant fluctuation in weight (either increase or decrease), pregnancy, where the elasticity of the skin is impacted, surgery with the abdomen, or even the natural process of aging.

The answer for you could be a tummy tuck, as it will erase loose skin and fat, while tightening weak fascia. Also, a tummy tuck will also remove stretch marks and excess skin below your belly button, in the lower abdomen zone  that many people crave to change. Be aware, stretch marks outside this area won’t be affected, so it has to be considered seriously.

Is A Tummy Tuck surgery is suitable everyone?

Getting your tummy tucked can also be done on conjunction with other plastic surgeries, such as arm lift surgery or breast reduction surgery. If you have had liposuction targeting your abdomen, such as Vaser Liposuction or Smart Lipo, a tummy tuck in Turkey may be the next one.

When deciding upon your tummy tuck , you need to put a few factors into consideration before going ahead with your procedure. As the tummy tuck cost is reasonable, it makes it reachable to many more individuals, but exactly it should not be the only reason .

Check the list maybe you are not a good candidate for the related surgery:

You have a chronic condition, such as heart disease or a severe form of diabetes.

You intend to lose a significant amount of weight.

Your BMI is greater than 30.

You have previously received abdominal surgery, where evident visible scar tissue remains.

You are a frequent smoker.

This surgery is never offer without pain recovery. The tummy tuck in Turkey price you will pay will be small costly, but you will have to endure a certain level of discomfort, which is usual. If you do want to go forward with your tummy tuck in Turkey, you should be prepared for 1 – 2 months of recovery, with pain experienced within this period, although not always exclusively for the entire time. It is also rare, but not impossible.

Other potential risks :

Fluid accumulation beneath the skin .

Poor wound healing

Unexpected scarring.

Tissue damage or death.

Changes in skin sensation.

Tummy Tuck In Turkey: Preparation And Procedure

Once you have spoken with our high class plastic surgeons and your medical background has been reviewed, checking for any current or former medications you take as well as discussing your history of prior weight loss and gain, a physical exam will be undertaken. This will involve the examination of your abdomen, including the taking of pictures for your record prior to your tummy tuck. The procedure is done in the JCI certified hospitals, where you will be put under general anaesthetic, rendering you unconscious for the remainder of the surgery.

The incision within your abdomen and belly button will be covered with surgical dressing and any excess blood or fluid will be drained with a small tube. You will need to wear a supportive abdominal binder for about 6 weeks after your tummy tuck in Turkey, and within these weeks you’ll need to be careful when moving around. You’ll also need to avoid positions that add stress to your incision line to prevent the reopening of the wound. Once you have healed, you can enjoy your fresh physical appereance.


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