Breasts have been one of the most important beauty criteria throughout history. It has a great influence on the proportion of the body, as well as on the choice of clothing and self-confidence of the person. Today, breast health and diseases are a very important issue, so, breast aesthetics is one of the most preferred methods for both women and men who want to have a beautiful appearance.

Though it is not considered a breast disease, breast deformities are also an issue that many people complain about. Breast structure can deform due to breastfeeding, hormonal factors, excessive weight gain, weight loss, as well as cancer or tumour related health problems. Another common problem with shape in women is sagging. Especially in the late 30s, it is seen in women who have given birth several times. The looseness in the breast tissue and skin causes an aesthetically uncomfortable sagging with the effect of gravity.

Besides all of that, breast aesthetics are not only for women. Also, lots of men decide to undergo breast operations due to deformities on their breasts.

Of course, you should not have to be experiencing a disease to undergo breast aesthetic operations; you may just want to go under an operation just to make yourself feel more confident and beautiful.

There are few common breast aesthetics operations such as breast augmentation, breast lifting, gynecomastia, breast reduction or breast asymmetry corrections. All of these operations are quite safe and quick as long as you are in the hands of an experienced doctor.

Breast Augmentation

Excessively small breasts, incompatible with the person’s height, shoulder width and hip can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Today, it is possible to overcome these problems easily with augmentation mammoplasty, that is, breast augmentation surgery. Breasts reach ideal dimensions with life-long silicone breast prostheses; it can even be made fuller at the request of the person.

The target in aesthetic operations; to get the closest to the ideal rates and the most natural-looking results. The same is true for breast augmentation surgery. Silicone breast prostheses are produced in different sizes and shapes to suit the size desired by our patients. Anatomical silicones also called drop silicon, are also available in a combination of volume and shape.

Our doctors perform breast augmentation surgery under general anaesthesia. Therefore, you never feel any pain during or after the operation.

The surgery takes 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on where it is placed. In any case, the patient can return to his daily life the next day, immediately after surgery.

Although your doctor might recommend a one-night hospital stay for you to general anaesthesia, you can go home after being kept under observation for a few hours. After the operation, you won’t feel any discomfort as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions.

Breast Reduction

Excessive breast sizes are an uncomfortable problem that occurs after puberty or after birth. You may experience some other problems such as chronic neck pain or other complications due to big breast size. Thankfully, breast reduction is an easy and safe procedure, and the recovery time is quite short. Of course, it is worth noting that you should go under this surgery with a qualified doctor to get the most satisfying results.

In all breast reduction surgeries, your doctor will remove a certain amount of breast tissue and the surrounding adipose tissue to reduce breast volume. The breast tissue remaining after the surgical parts will be sufficient for both aesthetic appearance and breastfeeding function of the mothers.

Breast Lift

The sagging of the breasts can be in different degrees and different types according to the structure of the person. It is one of the most aesthetically unpleasant situations for women. If there is a loss of volume in addition to sagging in the breast and the patient wants silicone prosthesis, sometimes these sagging can be corrected with prosthetic surgeries.

Aesthetic operations such as breast lift give women a chance to get a more pleasant look or to have a better look than before.

In the ideal look of the breast, your nipple and surrounding tissue should be at the centre of the arm. However, pregnancy, lactation, weight loss or ageing causes sagging breasts. As a result of the volume of the tissue and loss of elasticity in the skin, the nipple starts to look lower.

Unlike breast reduction surgery, the purpose of breast lift is not to change the size of the breast. Instead, the goal is to create a steeper and more attractive breast.

As breasts lose their previous elasticity, there is only one way to fix this; removing loose and sagging skin and to shape the tissue inside the breast. This application also allows removing the stretch marks by losing and stretching. Breast lift operations can also be combined with breast augmentation to create a more attractive breast shape. The important thing is to get a natural and more pleasant appearance.

After you decide on going under the breast lifting operation, our doctors will examine you and create a surgery plan according to your desires. This procedure is quite simple and effective. You will be able to go back to your daily routine in a very short time. However, it is really important that you follow your doctor’s instructions strictly.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry is something that most people experience. Although the minor differences, eighty-five per cent of women have asymmetric breasts. This asymmetry can occur at the nipple, or the sizes of your breasts would be different. Despite the fact that asymmetries in breasts are not considered as a serious health problem, it may bother every woman.

Chest diseases that you had when you were a child or situations that cause hormone changes such as breastfeeding and pregnancy may also be the reason for breast asymmetry. This situation usually reduces women’s self-confidence and causes them to feel uncomfortable. At this point, breast asymmetry aesthetics are the ideal solutions.

In breast asymmetry correction surgeries, depending on your condition, your doctor may perform a reduction or enlargement of the breast. Sometimes silicone can be applied to bring the breast to the desired symmetry. In both cases, your doctor will perform this operation on both breasts.

This operation contains highly permanent solutions and is safe. If you believe your breasts are asymmetric and feel uncomfortable with this, you can ask our experienced doctors for help. This way, you can get the look you want without having to stay in the hospital and experiencing any discomfort.


Gynecomastia is the condition when breasts form and look like female breasts in men. Both adolescent boys and adult men may be experiencing gynecomastia. Today, in one of every four men experiences this situation, especially between the ages of 50-70. Although it does not usually cause a serious health problem, it may cause psychological discomfort in young men due to its unpleasant appearance.

Gynecomastia is a common problem amongst older men due to hormonal changes. It can occur at the onset of puberty in boys and usually resolves spontaneously over time. Hormonal changes can lead to breast enlargement in men of any age. In addition, obesity, diseases, herbal therapeutic agents and especially addictive substances can cause this condition.

Despite these known factors, most of the men who have breast size problems cannot find any reason. This disorder may cause discomfort mostly due to psychological problems caused by the image. Findings such as pain, tenderness, nipple discharge are very rare. However, if you are experiencing any pain or nipple discharge, you need to let your doctor know about this since there might be an underlying condition.

How to Solve Gynecomastia?

There are two main solutions for gynecomastia, depending on the size of the breast. If the growing mammary gland is soft and oily, your doctor might apply the only liposuction, but, if the tissue is hard and bigger, you may need a degreasing surgery. Either way, this operation is quite simple and pain-free. Our doctors perform this operation under anaesthesia, so the patients feel minimum discomfort. Also, this surgery takes only a few hours. Since gynecomastia operation is quite short and safe, you will not have to stay in the hospital. You will be able to go home after a few hours of observation. Furthermore, you will also be able to continue on your daily routine after three to four days.

No matter how easy the operation is, it still requires a safe and proper environment to reduce any risks. Our high tech facility and experienced doctors will help you during and after the surgery to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


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