A Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is the number one, cost-effective choice to transform your body into the curvy, irresistible physique you’ve always dreamed of. A Brazilian butt lift in Turkey costs much less than in other parts of the world, but the quality of our Turkey butt lift surgeries performed at Esth&More is unmatched. We will help you increase your confidence in your body with a highly developed booty to meet your expectations.

Injection of fat into the buttocks mimics a natural, attractive-looking buttock by our expert surgeons using small incisions and liposuction.

With the excess fat taken from other parts of your body such as the thigh or abdomen, these fats are specially purified and injected into the hip area.

Small incisions are surgically closed when finished and a compression garment is given to you to wear during recovery, with optimal results after weeks.

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Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift

Natural-looking results compared to implants

Combines liposuction and fat transplant

Sculpted buttocks with the shape you want

Improved body confidence

Removes any loose skin in the bum area

Why Choose Us For Brazilian Butt Lift?

High quality service standards in patient care

Modern hospital facilities

Fully qualified medical staff and specialist surgeons

Significantly reduced procedural costs

Expert aftercare advice to ensure maximum results

Brazilian Butt Lift Details

Processing Time – 1.5 – 2 hours

Anesthesia – General

Recovery Time – 4-6 months

Accommodation & Transfer – 7 days

Butt lift surgery in Turkey is an excellent solution to achieve a high-end buttock. What makes it even more special is that the Brazilian butt lift costs much less in Turkey. Here’s what to expect from the procedure:

For a procedure that focuses on a small area, local anesthesia is applied to the hip area. However, in most cases, general anesthetics are used because you are not conscious during the surgery.

Following this, one of our highly trained surgeons makes marks and incisions and begins the liposuction procedure to remove fat from another part of your body, such as the hips, thighs or stomach, using a tube.

These removed fat deposits will then be purified using special techniques that will get them ready for injection to begin your butt lift surgery in Turkey.

Refined fat is then injected into a specific area of ​​your buttocks, creating a fuller, rounder appearance, creating the well-known Brazilian butt lift.

For Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, 3 to 5 incisions are made around your hips and the fat transfer process is completed successfully.

The incisions made for your liposuction and fat transfer will then be closed with stitches and our surgeon will apply a compression garment to the operated areas. This will help minimize the risk of bleeding.

What are the Benefits?

Brazilian butt lift has advantages over other hip augmentation surgeries. Other procedures, such as silicone hip implants, are far more inefficient by comparison due to their artificial appearance and associated safety issues. A Brazilian butt lift provides an attractive, desirable aesthetic with a fully rounded shape and helps with age-related issues such as sagging and shapelessness.

Another great benefit you can enjoy butt lift compared to silicone implants is that the chances of infection are much lower, making it the safest option for your hip augmentation needs. Many people opt for a cheaper, local option for silicone implants, where illegal substances are injected into the buttocks, causing major, life-debilitating problems later on. We strongly recommend against this. 


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